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    For over 100 years, the Northern Lehigh Halloween Parade has been entertaining generations of children and adults. The Parade’s origins can be traced to the turn of the 20th century when teenagers and young men performed mischief and mayhem on Halloween causing damage to local homes and farms. In 1907, a group of young men, hoping to curtail the pranks, formed a group dressed like Indians and marched down Main Street performing a War Dance. Their idea worked as the pranksters followed the men down Main Street- the mischief ended, and the Slatington Halloween Parade was born. Over the years, the Parade continued to grow and prosper. In 1938, thousands of marchers participated in a five division parade with an estimated audience of 10,000 spectators; that was deemed the largest Halloween parade ever in Slatington. Throughout the years, the Parade route expanded and bands and floats from the entire Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas were incorporated resulting in what is known today as the Northern Lehigh Halloween Parade.

    Organizing the Parade takes a strong team of volunteers working year round. In addition to planning the Parade itself, our committee also organizes events to generate the funds necessary for prize money as well as payment to bands and other participants. It is not an easy task, but it is most certainly a worthwhile one not just in keeping the tradition alive, but in helping to restore the Parade to an event that is anticipated as well as introducing new events that bring the Northern Lehigh community together

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